Knight's song

You have heard the tale a thousand times: a knight in shining armour rescues the beautiful princess from a tower and they live happily ever after.

How about a different tale? A tale of a man haunted by all the evil he has lived through, trying to do the right thing, and a woman tired of being taken advantage of, yet still desperate for true love.  

A tale of sacrifices and decisions, of atonement.

A tale of suffering for past choices. 

A tale of searching and fighting for hope.

Knight's Song will bring you to a secret world hidden behind our own, where knights, witches, and monsters still exist.

Knight's Song is an international content LARP

in which you can embody an archetypal character from chivalric stories and medieval legends. It is set in modern times in a parallel fairy-tale place, where knighthood, honour, and living a life worthy of a heroic story told for centuries are valued above anything else.