Content warning and safety


The accessibility of our game varies by role. Fighting characters will need to be able to walk longer distances (2–3 longer walks a day, sometimes in the dark) in armour, sometimes run and do a lot of physically demanding fighting. 

Champions will have to do even more fighting on top of that. 

Non-fighting characters will only need to be able to spend bigger parts of the day outside in the cold and take one or two shorter walks every day.


At the same time, the comfort level will be fairly low, with no shower and communal sleeping. The site is sadly not accessible to wheelchair users or people with major mobility problems. 

If you want to know whether the larp is suitable for you, please write to us at:

As this website might suggest, the larp includes a lot of text, and some need to remember names. One character can be around 20 pages long and there are some longer texts on the side. 


While you can keep everything printed with you and nobody will be testing you about names and factoids, if reading large chunks of text and remembering some names sounds horrible, this game might not be for you.

The game will be in English. You don’t need to be a native speaker or a pro, but to take part, you need to have a good level of communication skills and comprehension in the language. 

Being able to read the full website without any trouble and to imagine that you talk about similar topics is a good sign.


The game is only open to people who are 18 or older and only non-fighting characters are suitable for pregnant people.


The safety of our players matters to us a lot. The game is fairly physically demanding and uses a lot of physical fighting. 

We try to ensure our players’ safety by providing a briefing for all fighting characters, as well as protective equipment and a medic on site. 

At the same time, we will also be relying on you—to pick a character that truly suits your needs and preferences; to follow all safety precautions; to remain sensible even in the heat of battle.


At the same time, if physical conflict doesn’t seem attractive, you need only pick one of the characters that will stay far away from it.

A chivalric ballad filled with unease can get fairly dark, and so the game deals with some heavy topics. 

Characters’ backstories and some scenes in the game will therefore work with the topics of murder, loss of loved ones, suffering and death of children, bullying, body-shaming (centred on character, not player!), incest, and in some few cases, sexual assault.


These topics will not pertain to all characters, but they may get publicly talked about or played on during the game. You will always have the possibility to leave the scene or stop the game. 

At the same time, scripted scenes that come from us (meaning NPC-led scenes) and deal with very dark topics directly will have trigger warnings, allowing you to opt-out beforehand. 

Characters centred around these topics will have trigger warnings in the character description.


When signing up, you can of course also comment that you don’t want a character that directly focuses on some of these topics, but do keep in mind that we can never guarantee you will not encounter them at all.

The game also has a mechanism that will allow you to leave it at any time and there will be consultants available to you in case you need to talk about any problems off-game.