About the Game

What is this game about?

 We want to embody the essence of chivalric tales and Arthurian legends. The larp is set in a world where magic underpins the mundane and a secret society exists. Knight’s Song is set at Grimness, a small fort full of stories and the site of a tournament.

The characters have powerful, often dark yet hopeful storylines with tough and important decisions to make. Gaining something usually means losing something else. Much of the story and the context for your decisions is driven by the decisions of other players in-game and is not scripted.

The game offers an aesthetically intriguing and intensive experience, with a creative combination of modern and fairytale visuals. We believe this enhances the intensity and relevance of the stories we want to tell.

Knight’s Song also works with physicality. The fighting characters will really have to don armour including helmets, take up airsoft guns and fake steel weapons, and hit monsters.

What will this game give you?

Fighting characters: Expect a lot of hard fighting and physical conflicts where your actions matter. It is perfectly normal, and good for the story, to experience failures on your journey and deal with the consequences.

Non-fighting characters: Engage in intrigue, struggle for power and influence, gathering allies and resources. Your choices can help you achieve your goals or lead you to failure.

All characters: The game promises strong relationships, be they friendships, alliances, or love interests. The game’s pacing is maintained with chapter intermezzos, which can subtly change the way the game is played.

Character selection is done without regard to any off-game characteristics (age, gender, appearance, or ethnicity). You will pick characters that are interesting to you, and we will help you in the process.

What will this game NOT give you?

 A transparent structure where you are fully in charge of your character’s fate.

Physical romance, close intimacy, or erotic play.

Meta-techniques for fighting or intrigue: As all outcomes are interesting for the game, only a few encounters will have scripted results.

A lot of physical comfort or a hotel-like standard: You will get a bunk bed, warm food, and hot tea, but the bathrooms are quite basic.  

Professional service: We are a volunteer organization. We will help you as much as we can, but our role is to share the experience with you, not to serve as service providers.

What can you look forward to?

A world of epic ballads where time did not stop. Where good is fighting against evil, oaths are truly binding, and honour means more than life.

 So what if our knights have swapped steel for Kevlar and wear camo blouses under ornamental breastplates? Even the forest demons have adapted and left their ancient hollowed oaks for abandoned bunkers.

 The fort of Grimness is hosting a great tourney and companies from far and wide have come to measure their strengths against one another and fight for the affections of the ladies.  But all of them must bear their burdens and their restless hearts match the restless woods around Grimness. And so the armed companies must set off for expeditions, battling for every remaining clearing of their fading domain.