Non-player characters

Knights' Song aims to experiment with its approach to non-player roles. We would like our NPCs to enjoy their game fully and get a strong experience. 

We want to provide space for people who just want to bash some heads and do some shooting, as well as those who want to be a bit more creative. We will adapt our general approach to NPCs to that goal. 

Before each encounter, you will get a methodology which will tell you what has to happen and what your encounter's atmosphere should look like, as well as some additional suggestions, giving you a rough structure. The final shape of the scene will be up to you. 

We will also try to supply you with props, scene design, special effects, and other ways for you to build your scenes as you like them.

Similarly, many battles and conflicts in the game do not have a given result. Quite on the contrary, we want most fights to really test the players' abilities and the result of the conflict will have an effect on where their story goes. 

At the same time, you will never have to worry about ending somebody's game prematurely.

Example: The company of Knight Captain Sladký was charged with holding a key crossroads against goblin hordes, until a village was evacuated. If Sladký wins, everything is fine. But if Sladký and their company are defeated and have to retreat, that doesn't mean all the characters die. 

They lose, the villagers get slaughtered, and they have to live with the shame. The goal is not to make the game competitive, but to add an element of uncertainty and authenticity to the game.

At the same time, that means our volunteers need to be capable of proactively looking for tasks and carrying them out and some self-reliance in building their encounters, as well as reasonably resistant to chaos. We may also occasionally ask them to help with some small chores.

Coming as an NPC is completely free and we will provide you with food, accommodation, costumes, weapons, and armour, as well as some travel compensation.