About us

Rolling is a group of volunteers dedicated to organising events and larps that give people the opportunity to experience something outside of the scope of their everyday lives. Do you want to know what it’s like to be a French aristocrat in the 18th century? A soldier lost in the war-torn Siberia? A Czech or a Sudeten German living through the 1930s and 1940s in the contested Czech borderlands? You can try all that and more at our larps.

Rolling, an association for the development of role-playing and education games was founded in November 2013. Since then, we have been creating live action role-playing games, larps, and raising awareness about them in the Czech Republic. We also run educational games in schools and support other authors and groups, for example by lending them our equipment or assisting with their promotion on social media.

In August 2017, we moved our headquarters to Terezín in Northern Bohemia, where we rented parts of a former military hospital building. Since then, these premises have served both as our warehouse and a venue for some of our games.

Currently run international games by Rolling

A high-production international larp inspired by Disco Elysium organised by an international crew.

Stories of war, homeland, heroism, and people in a time of crisis.

An atmospheric thriller in the fictional Rehabilitation Institute for Problematic Youth.

Authors and producers

Jan Balhar (story)
Ondřej Auer (characters, story)
Michaela Hrabáková (characters, story, casting)
Lenka Kopečková (characters, story, administration, production)
Hana Lauerová
Klára Příbramská (costumes)
David František Wagner (project leader and author of the game concept)
Karolína Serbousková (revisions, production, casting)
Vojta Jarik Jurečka (production)
Sabina Triss Žilková (production)
Martin Bláha (production)
Matěj Bukovský (production)
Isa Žilková (administration)
Pikachu (communication)