In our story, the people of Grimness will spend a great deal of time together, both during their expeditions into the woods and at their tourneys and feasts at the fort. But even the bravest knight, even the most magnanimous lady, everyone needs a moment all on their own.

With their prayers, with their memories, with their visions…
… and with their Unease and its Shades.

Shades are the embodiments of human desires and fears, worries and dreams, past and future. They show you the darkest corners of your soul - all the memories you’d prefer to forget, all the wishes you never made. They are not your enemies - they are part of you.

Every player will have a time when they go to pray in their game. In their prayer, the Shades will speak to them and show them important moments from their lives; their decisions, defeats, and weaknesses. 

The players of Shades will get their methodology before the game, somewhat similar to the NPC methodologies, which will allow them to prepare and direct these scenes for other players.

Our Shades will have a game somewhat separate from both NPCs and players; in their scenes, they will address some of the darkest topics of our characters, making their game quite mentally demanding; and they will not have any stories of their own.

 At the same time, they will have a lot of creative freedom and agency in their scene and will be able to form major scenes for the players. 

There will be two Shades, creating the scenes together in collaboration. Because they will be spending a lot of time together, we prefer it if Shades sign up in couples. These roles are up for a voluntary contribution.